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Trung tâm CNTT - BIDV

..or Some Crap Like that..


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b [singular] : the act of passing solid waste from the body used in the phrases take a crap and (Brit) have a crap. 5. used for emphasis after words like scare,.... What made you want to look up give a crap? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). Show Comments.... The shitter is a slang term for a toilet, and can be used like the phrase ... down the toilet to suggest that something has been wasted. Example: "This CD player quit.... ... find an option to move it up to the top or to get rid of the stupid shit like "spotlight videos" and "trending". These are useless to some people which includes me.. ..That Kindly a Crap is ALREADY Happenin' ta SOME Folks. ... a FEW o' Them Thar Electrons J EST ta Make Yer Life Interestin' (Like the CHINESE Curse that I.... Do you have a hobby or interest that takes you out of the house? Something that has nothing to do with parenting? I totally understand if you love crafting things.... And crap like this is different from any other month around here? 5 ... We need a 2019 version. 7 ... And toss a tub of earthworms in too. 2.. I wanted us to have an adventure. Because I love that crap. Because I'm not whatever-her-name-is. I don't think it's oh so hard to walk four miles in the snow.. Recently, you may have heard an acronym that sounds like it is more closely ... Recently, the CRaP list has become a battleground for Amazon and the CPG.... Used when one hasn't got the words nor the intellect to finish off a sentence or an instruction.. I Love You Phillip Morris is a forgotten masterpiece and one of the greatest romantic comedies ever made.. Sometimes I would sit in meetings on a given subject and absolutely marvel at some of the answers people would give to various questions. It became clear that.... r/Podel: For fans and weird people who follow the YouTuber Podel. If you find the phrase "I smell like a reactor core" or "wet metal" funny, you're.... It made it seem like he was sincere. Once the first wave of interviews was completed, more requests began to pour inbut only for Walter. He exchanged banter.... This is a small town and we all have to be on good terms. You'll find it's not like the city; you can't be so choosy. Now what did I say? I don't get it. After a time.... The show is recorded as a voice note and shared on WhatsApp like this. (SOUNDBITE OF PODCAST, "WHAT'S CRAP ON WHATSAPP?").. Like crap definition is - very badly. How to use like crap in a sentence.. Some Crap About the Future Lyrics: You spread your rusty fingers across the ledge / You get ... On an old dirt road, where the sun doesn't look like such a waste. Some clown who wanted to give my first novel a one-star review on Amazon, anonymously gets to crap upon it, and have that become part of the history of that.... because, if Pete has an abiding suspicion that he's not making sense, that whatever he says is either wrong or foolish or 'crap', then that undermines everything...


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